1. Intention to negotiate

Figure out customer’s needs and plans to provide a good service to the customer. Lay a good cooperation foundation for the later production. Please feel free to send us inquiry you like swimsuitgetzwa@gmail.com


2. Product proposal

According to the product production on the product effect and price budget feasibility discussion, develop a variety of detailed production plans for customers to choose.





3. Research and implementation

Design department and engineering department cooperate to complete product design, prototype production and test verification.



4. Sample confirmation

After proofing, deliver the samples to the customer for testing and use feedback, and confirm with the customer after mass production of product packaging.





5. Order confirmation

The company receives part of advance deposit for production material purchase and product packaging customization.


6. Mass production delivery

After the end of mass production, the products shall be sent to the quality inspection department for sampling inspection to ensure that the products are qualified and then send the goods to the customer.